What If The Piston Does Not Pop Open?

Step #1 - Check to see that the water is turned on.

Step #2 - Do you have enough water pressure to trigger the magnets? Removing magnets from the top stack array will reduce the trigger pressure but is it is suggested you don't remove more than a few magnets to maintain a triggering pressure of at least 30 (PSI) of water pressure.

Step #3 - Are there water leaks? Fittings should be watertight so pressure can build up in the Pressure Tank to force the valve open against the opposing magnetic force. Verify that all rubber washers are good and replace them as needed. In addition, the O-Rings can become dry from non-use and leak. To stop the leaks simply turn the water on and force the Pull Top up and down several times. The flushing action should re-seal the O-Rings. If you continue to have leaks you can also turn up the Flow Controller. The increased flow can compensate for any leaking.

What If The Piston Does Not Cycle Closed After Opening?

Step #1 - Was the piston magnetically locked closed in the first place, before starting? Lock it closed by lifting and dropping the the top array of magnets.

Step #2 - Is your water supply clean? A garden hose filter washer going to your inlet of 120 mesh is recommended. Check for obstructions that might prevent the piston from moving freely up and down. It may also need to be cleaned.

Step #3 - Is the Flow Controller turned up too high? If water comes in too fast it will keep the pressure elevated in the pressure tank. This can keep the piston from closing. Two solutions are available. Either turn the flow controller down to reduce the flow going into the pressure tank, or use sprinklers or drippers with larger orifices to increase the flow rate going out of the pressure tank during the open cycle.

Step #4 - Is there enough back pressure? The water must be discharged through some water dispersal device like sprinklers or drippers. The constrained flow creates the necessary back pressure to act on the piston for it to make a clean stroke.